Positively Pinoy App Top #1 in Google Play

Positively Pinoy App reached top #1 position  in Pinoy Devotional app category in Google Play Store because of listeners like you!  And not only that, we are on the top #4 Pinoy Christian app category and top #19 Pinoy OVERALL app category! This is an unbelievable accomplishment and a great blessing from God  even thought the app is just a little year old in the app store.

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Screenshot of Positively Pinoy app top #1 rank in Pinoy Devotional app category

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you, our dear listeners and app users, for your unending support, and enthusiastically sharing the app to your friends and family. By sharing the and using the app, it became possible for Positively Pinoy App to reach its current standing in Google Play Store!

Benefits of High app Ranking in major App Stores

You be may asking, why we place high value and put so much effort in making sure that the (Positively Pinoy) app will be positioned on top ranks in all major app stores?

The answer is simple: We would like all potential users and listeners to see the app in all their search results. With over 2 million apps in all major app stores, getting an app be discovered is a big challenge, and to a certain extent a miracle, especially for a non-profit app publishers like us, who rely merely on word-of-mouth of our current listeners and users. That’s why I can’t stress enough how much we love and appreciate the effort our listeners give to spread the word about the app!

Again, the higher an app is in search results and ranking, the higher the chance for the app to be seen by potential users and listeners. It would be a waste of God’s blessings if only a handful of people benefit from the app. We would like to see millions of Filipino youth and young adult lives be positively change. We would like to see them become God’s hands to help change our country for the better, and there’s no other better way to do it than to reach them from their phones and gadgets where they spend more than 6 hours of their time daily. (See Media’s Growing Influence on Filipino Youth & What You Can Do About It)

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Listeners and User’s Overwhelming Reviews

If you’re not Positively Pinoy App user yet, read below what our current users say about the app.

We received overwhelming positive response from our current users from the time the app was launched last January 2014. Here’s are some of our listeners and supporters review about the app.

Best Christian online radio app! +P is more than I could ask for. Listening to Positive music with a powerful mesage helps me go throught the day and +P app makes it easier to access. I can chat and request songs in the app and also send in my audio messages. And it comes wiht W4U devotional too. It’s an all in app! 5 star. – Jeff Brig

Very Positive! I love this app and of course The Edge (Radio)! I am very blessed to hear positive music, devotionas and other segments. These give encouragement and teachings about living by faith everyday, thank God for this ministry! Bonus: (you can) request your favorite CCN firn their list (of positive) OPM and get to chat those nice listeners and DJs who can brighten your day ^_^.  – Madz Madaje

Finally the long wait is over! Kudos (The Edge Radio -Positively Pinoy)! I have learned about this app last April during the Jimmy Needham concert and since then I have been waiting for this app. Thank you for making this happen now we can listen and have access not only to music but also devotionals. Kudos team +Positively Pinoy. God Bless!  – A Google User

user review_jeff brigs.



Endless Blessinguser review_christianGreat app. (I) never get tired of listening to Christian songs (in the app). I try the need to talk tab, (and) they give very good advices. W4U (devotional is) very informational. – Christian Santos

user review_joelA must app for on the go! I don’t need to store music on my phone ’cause they ahve a really good playlist and I can also get to read inspirational stuff! Feel free to spread the word! – Joel Trinidad

Great App.  user review_jonathanMy friend recommended this to me and I’ve been a listener since then. I listen to it before I go to sleep and when I’m at work. Easy to use app. Live Positively Pinoy. – Jonathan Viallnueva


Ellaine Royo

Reliable source of daily inspiration

This app is very helpful. It’s easy to use and has lots of things to offer.

The Positively Pinoy app is given 4.7 out of 5 stars by our listeners and users in Google play.

ratings 4 point 7

Positively Pinoy App Worldwide Ratings

We are pleased to announce that the Positively Pinoy app has received good standard ratings worldwide, which made the app highly recommended for young people and families. Definitely an app for the whole family to enjoy!

Below is the standard ratings given to Positively Pinoy app by country and region.

In North & South America, the app is rated for everyone. All content in the app is safe for kids and adults.

Ratings in North & South America are maintained by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)

In Europe an Middle East, the app’s content is suitable for all ages since it doesn’t contain any sound or pictures that most likely scare young children, and most of all, no bad languages will be heard.

Ratings in Europe and the Middle East are maintained by Pan European Game Information (PEGI).

In Australia, classified the app as G, meaning the content inside the app is suitable for any audience.

Ratings in Australia are maintained by the Australian Classification Board (ACB).

Brazil gave the app an all for ages ratings. The content in the is not harmful to children of any age.

Ratings in Brazil are maintained by ClassInd

Germany gave the app a “All ages” ratings. Apps in this category are without age restriction feature contents and without youth protection relevance. They can be directly aimed at children and young persons but also at an adult audience.

Ratings in Germany are maintained by Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK).

A Rated 3+ (Generally suitable for all audiences) was given for Positively Pinoy app in South Korea.

The content rating system in South Korea is approved by GRAC

In other areas maintained by IARC, the app was given a “Rated 3+” – Suitable for all age groups. Bad language is not permitted in the app content.

Ratings in other areas are maintained by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).

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