Media’s Growing Influence on Filipino Youth & What You Can Do About It

Here’s the real situation of our youth regarding media’s influence on them…

Filipino youth today are more the products of mass media rather than their genes or school, or least of all, their homes.”

The Global Media Journal

For all of us burdened for the next generation of Filipino leaders, this is a sobering statement.

Like it or not, media is now the leading values-shaping influence in the lives of our youth and young adults.  Family, faith, education and even peers now take a backseat to it’s powerful voice.

So what message is this voice communicating?

Consider this lyric taken from a current pop song where three girls compete for the sexual affections of their potential lover…

Gone are the days when..

  • Teen rock-n-roll rebellion amounted to “smokin’ in the boys room”

  • When sexual innuendos were masked in a clever lyric, or…

  • When only men would reduce women to sexual play toys in their songs

Now the women seem happy to do that to themselves and worse, if it sells.

It’s no surprise that our culture is getting worse.  Media is leading the way and unfortunately, it’s taking our youth with them.

Is there hope?

Can the tide be turned in this battle for hearts and minds?


But only if we take action!

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